• Step 1


    We offer a one-on-one sketching service to help you better envision your design. Here, we sit together with you to put your dreams on paper.

  • Step 2

    3D Modeling

    The sketch is passed on to our drafter who then creates a photo-realistic 3D model of your design. At this stage, we give you the opportunity to make tweaks and alterations.

  • Step 3

    3D Printing

    Next, the design is sent to the 3D printer which builds your model from wax-based resin one layer at a time. The result is a high-precision piece that surpasses those produced by traditional techniques.

  • Step 4


    Here, we create a negative mould from your printed model and then pour molten metal into the cavity. The liquid metal flows and fills the cavity to create your item in silver, gold or platinum.

  • Step 5


    If included within the initial design, our stone setter will hand-set the selected diamonds and/or gemstones onto the item using a microscope for maximum precision and security.

  • Step 6


    The rough cast is then polished to achieve the desired surface finish, and is cleaned of all oil and debris. Lastly, we can laser engrave your item with a personalised message.

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