U-Prong Round Diamond Eternity Ring (5 Ct. TDW.)

U-Prong Round Diamond Eternity Ring (5 Ct. TDW.)


Available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum

Round-cut diamonds to suit this style: 14 diamonds total weight 4.90-5.00 carat

Number of stones and diamond weight will vary depending on the finger and diamond size

Product No: DR10011
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Buying Eternity Rings

Customising is the key for a perfect diamond eternity wedding band or diamond anniversary ring. Wherein each ring is handcrafted to perfection to fit three important aspects:

  • Fitting the finger size perfectly.
  • Using the appropriate diamond size to get that exact fit.
  •  Getting the right Budget.

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U-Prong Round Diamond Eternity Ring (14 Diamonds 5 Carat TDW)

Unique with precision, this eternity wedding ring features round brilliant-cut diamonds set in U-prong setting for utmost brilliance. This ring is custom-made to fit your finger size with your choice of diamonds.